Flexer® Epoxy Flexibilizer – New at Bentley Advanced Materials

Flexer® Epoxy Flexibilizer is a clear liquid additive for lowering the durometer of 2 of our EpoxAmite® laminating epoxies and 3 EpoxAcast® epoxy systems.

Viscosity of the epoxy system (A+B) will be lowered in proportion to the amount of flexibilizer added. Lower viscosity will help with de-airing castable resins and will help laminating epoxies wet out through composite reinforcements (fiberglass cloth, Kevlar, etc.) better.

Added in the proper proportion, the cured epoxy can be made semi-rigid with some flexibility. For some applications, castable epoxies can be brittle when cast in thin sections. Softening with Flexer® will make them less brittle and increase impact resistance.

Learn more about Flexer in the video below or click here to purchase Flexer®


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