World Record T-Rex Animatronic

World’s Largest Robotic Dinosaur

The world’s largest animatronic, fully pneumatic T-Rex has been unveiled at Combe Martin Wildlife & Dinosaur Park in North Devon. The dinosaur is seven metres high by fifteen metres long and comes complete with life like sounds. The star attraction at Combe Martin was made by Barnstaple experts Nimba Creations using the latest animatronics technology and hundreds of kilos of silicone and polyurethane rubber and plastics supplied by Bentley Chemicals.

The project to build T-Rex took some eight months to complete and presented a number of challenges for Bentley. The main priority was to achieve the right cure, colour and flexibility for the polyurethane skin, while at the same time ensuring that it was not too heavy and could operate freely as a robotic construction.

Combe Martin also plays host to a number of life-size dinosaurs from the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods and Bob Butcher, founder of the park, believes that they are now well on the way to producing the ‘Greatest Dinosaur Show on Earth’ and is hoping to make it as entertaining as watching a Jurassic Park movie!

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