Bluesil RTV 141 A&B

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Bluesil RTV 141 A&B

Bluesil (formerly Rhodorsil) RTV 141 A&B is a two component, polyaddition reaction, room temperature curing silicone elastomer. Curing can be accelerated by heating. After mixing the two components Bluesil RTV 141 A&B forms a relatively low viscosity, colorless liquid which transforms into an elastic and transparent material once cured. The reaction does not give off any heat. Example applications include:

  • Coating or potting protection of electronic components and electrotechnical equipment.
  • Opto-electronic links.
  • Insulation of light sensitive cells.
  • Sheathing of step index optic fibers.

RTV 141 A&B offers the following advantages:

  • Transparency, good optical transmission.
  • Good Pourability, for easy filling.
  • Possibility of adding fillers.
  • Good reversion resistance in confined spaces.

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Net Weight: 1.1 Kg