Silbione RTV 4420 A&B
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Silbione RTV 4420 A&B

Silbione RTV 4420 A&B is a two component silicone elastomer that crosslink at room temperature by polyaddition reaction. The polymerisation can be accelerated by heat. The silicone components are delivered as two component low viscous liquids, which once mixed and cured, transforms into a translucent, elastic and resistant material. Polymerisation occurs without formation of heat.

Silbione RTV 4420 A&B is suitable for producing orthopaedic devices, e.g. damping elements.

RTV 4420 offers the following advantages:

  • Polymerises at room temperature (23 °C) even in the absence of air and moisture. The curing characteristics are independent of the thickness of the parts.
  • Fast mixing and easy processing (1 : 1) due to the low viscosity.
  • Excellent mechanical properties (especially good tear strength).


Product Name Pot LifeDemould Time Net Weight
Silbione RTV 4420 A&B (10 Kg)60 minutes180 minutes10 Kg
Silbione RTV 4420 A&B (2 Kg)60 minutes180 minutes2 Kg