Bluesil RTV 3325
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Bluesil RTV 3325

Bluesil (formerly Rhodorsil) RTV 3325 is a silicone elastomer which, after the addition of a catalyst, cures at room temperature and leads to a flexible and elastic material. RTV 3325 is excellent for making moulds for the production of parts made of different materials, such as plaster, wax, acrylic resin, polyester resin, epoxy resin, as well as silicone elastomers. Example applications include:

  • Decoration items: cornices, columns, ornaments, statues
  • Figurines: toys, candles, statues, giftware
  • Furnishing: furniture and decorative parts
  • Construction: decorative items, pavement, paving stone, columns
  • Artistic foundries: molds for the lost wax casting technique.

RTV 3325 offers the following advantages:

  • Good fluidity.
  • Excellent mechanical properties, in particular tear strength.
  • Excellent flexibility and its low modulus facilitate the mould release.

Catalyst must be purchased separately. RTV 3325 is compatible with CATA 24H (standard 24-hour cure) and CATA 6H (quick 6-hour cure).


Product Name Net Weight
Bluesil RTV 3325 (1Kg)1 Kg
Bluesil RTV 3325 (20Kg)20 kg
Bluesil RTV 3325 (5Kg)5 Kg