Foam Clay 300g
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Foam Clay 300g

The foam clay starts out as a clay putty that stretches and blends back into itself easily. When handling the foam, a small amount of water may be added to help smooth out the material once it begins to dry. When your piece is finished it can be left to cure at room temperature.

Please note the more material used (therefore the larger the mass), the longer the curing process will take.

When fully cured, the foam clay dries into a high-density foam which can be cut, sanded, heat formed and glued to your Cosplay costume. Please do not try cutting or sanding the material until you are confident it is fully cured all the way to the centre. The cured foam clay pieces do not need to be heat sealed. Although, priming the material before painting is recommended. Approximately 48 hours curing time is recommended before commencing with any priming and painting. This can be done to the outer layer of the foam even if the centre of the mass is uncured. Foam Clay can also be pressed into molds and stamped with texture pads. Great for Cosplay and light weight pieces.


Product Name Net Weight
Foam Clay (Black)300 g
Foam Clay (Grey)300 g
Foam Clay (White)300 g