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Tarbender® is a UV resistant clear liquid epoxy that can be poured over a variety of surfaces to provide a strong, high gloss coating. Parts A and B mix together and flow easily. Tarbender® epoxy cures at room temperature and offers high impact resistance.

Tarbender® is an excellent wood bar top coating and can also be poured over plaster, concrete, foam, fabrics, etc. You can use Tarbender® to encapsulate 3-D objects or coat flat objects, paper and more.

Tarbender Coverage Rates

Amount Poured at 1.6mm Poured at 3.2mm Poured at 6.4mm
28.3 g 164cm² 82 cm² 41 cm²
Trial Unit
(1.28 kg)
0.74 m² 0.37 m² 0.19 m²
Gallon Unit
(5.08 kg)
2.97 m² 1.48 m² 0.74 m²
5 Gallon Unit
(25.62 kg)
15 m² 7.5 m² 3.75 m²


Product Name Pot LifeDemould Time Net Weight
Tarbender (Gallon Unit)45 minutes16 hours5.13 Kg
Tarbender (Trial Unit)45 minutes16 hours1.28 Kg