Feather Lite
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Feather Lite

Feather Lite® is a heavily filled low-density urethane casting resin. When cured the plastic is lightweight (it floats in water!) and has a much lower density than other casting resins. Feather Lite® features a convenient one A to one B by volume mix ratio and mixes easily (pre-mixing of parts A & B is necessary). Feather Lite® can be pigmented with SO-Strong® Color Tints prior to casting and/or painted when castings are finished. Because this product is low-density, it yields more plastic per pound /kg. than other casting resins, meaning the cost per casting is low. The cured plastic is strong and can be carved, machined, drilled, sanded, etc.

Feather Lite® can be used for a variety of art or industrial design related applications including reproducing sculptures, making fishing lures, prototype model making, casting doll heads and figures, and many more applications.

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Product Name Pot LifeDemould Time Net Weight
Feather Lite (5-Gallon Unit)8.5 minutes2 hours24.94
Feather Lite (Gallon Unit)8.5 minutes2 hours4.9 Kg
Feather Lite (Trial Unit)8.5 minutes2 hours1.13 Kg