TASK 13 & 14

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TASK 13 & 14

TASK® 13 and TASK® 14 are fast setting two-component urethanes that cure quickly to black semi-rigid plastics.TASK® 13 has a pot life of 3 minutes and demould time of 20 minutes. TASK® 14 offers a longer pot life (10 minutes) and demould time of 45 minutes.

With a Shore value of 50D, these semi-rigid plastics are used for a variety of industrial applications including fast mould making, fast model duplication, prototyping, durable miniatures, black props and special effects, or making parts that are impact resistant. Fully cured castings are tough, durable and chemical resistant.

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Additional Information

Pot Life: TASK 13: 3 minutes - TASK 14: 10 minutes
Demould Time: TASK 13: 20 minutes - TASK 14: 45 minutes