TASK 5 & 6
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TASK 5 & 6

TASK® 5 & TASK® 6 low cost, high performance casting resins yield castings that are tan and virtually bubble free. These resins offer superior physical and performance properties compared to our popular Smooth-Cast® Series of general purpose casting resins. Vacuum degassing is not necessary and they offer the convenience of a 1A:1B by volume or weight mix ratio. The differences between TASK®5 and TASK®6 are the pot life and demould time.

TASK® 5 & TASK® 6 have high tensile and flexural strength, as well as high flexural modulus. These plastics were formulated for a variety of industrial applications including pattern making and making prototype models. These resins are designed for casting in thicknesses up to 1.27 cm.

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Product Name Pot LifeDemould Time Net Weight
TASK 5 (Gallon Unit)3 minutes15 minutes8.2 Kg
TASK 5 (Trial Unit)3 minutes15 minutes0.9 Kg
TASK 6 (Gallon Unit)7 minutes75 minutes7.8 Kg
TASK 6 (Trial Unit)7 minutes75 minutes0.9 Kg