Rebound Series Silicone Rubber
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Rebound Series Silicone Rubber

Rebound 25 & 40 are self-thickening addition-cure silicone rubbers for making brush-on or glove moulds of almost any model. Rebound is easy to use (mixed 1A:1B by volume) and can be applied with a brush or spatula to vertical surfaces without sagging. Three to four layers are all that is necessary to make a strong, durable production mould for casting wax, gypsum, concrete or resins.

Rebound silicone cures with minimal shrinkage and will last for many years in your mould library. Applications include reproducing sculpture, architectural restoration, making candle moulds, etc.

NOTE: As with any addition-cure or platinum silicone rubber, exposure to sulphur and latex can lead to cure inhibition. Do not use sulphur-based modelling clay or wear latex gloves while processing Rebound.


Product Name Pot LifeDemould Time Net Weight
Rebound 25 (Gallon Unit)20 minutes6 hours8.16 Kg
Rebound 25 (Trial Unit)20 minutes6 hours0.9 Kg
Rebound 40 (Gallon Unit)20 minutes6 hours8.16 Kg
Rebound 40 (Trial Unit)20 minutes6 hours0.9 Kg