Mold Max™ XLS™ II
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Mold Max™ XLS™ II

Mold Max XLS II is a Shore 30A tin-catalysed silicone rubber that exhibits very low long-term shrinkage. XLS II moulds last longer than other silicones in production when casting chemically harsh resins such as epoxies and polyesters as well as urethane foams.

Mix ratio is 100A:10B by weight. Pot life is 40 minutes and cure time is 24 hours at room temperature. Mold Max XLS II silicone will reproduce the finest detail and is suitable for a variety of industrial and art related applications including making production moulds for, reproducing prototypes, furniture, sculpture and architectural elements. Mold Max™ XLS™ II can be thickened with THI‑VEX™ additive for brush-on applications.

Vacuum degassing mixed material using a vacuum pump and chamber to remove entrapped air is recommended.

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Product Name Pot LifeDemould Time Net Weight
Mold Max XLS II (Gallon Unit)40 minutes24 hours4.99 Kg
Mold Max XLS II (Trial Unit)40 minutes24 hours1.00 Kg