Skin Tite® Ultimate Wound Kit

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Skin Tite® Ultimate Wound Kit

The Ultimate Wound Kit includes everything you need to create highly realistic wounds directly on the skin.
Great for Halloween, theatre and cinema make-up, the Ultimate Wound Kit is also suited well for moulage and casualty simulation. Simulate scars, open wounds, burns, cuts, infections, and more.

The included step-by-step DVD instructions will guide you through the process.

The Ultimate Wound Kit includes:

  • Skin Tite® silicone
  • Thi-Vex® thickening agent
  • Silc-Pig® pigment
  • Rubber Glass® cured discs
  • Mixing Sticks & Cups
  • Step-By-Step How-To Guide
  • How-To DVD

Skin Tite can be applied directly to the skin, onto a training manikin*, or into a plastic plate mould to make silicone wound appliances.

*Note: A Tegaderm® dressing is recommended for latex and vinyl-based manikin skins before applying Skin Tite.