Architectural Restoration

How to Repair an Antique Picture Frame with Silicone Putty
Metal Cold Casting Real Bronze Powder and Resin
How To Make a Brush-On Rubber Mold of a Bust

Candle Making

Candle Mold Making and Wax Casting
How To Make Candle Molds out of PMC-744 Urethane
How to Make Your Own Custom Candle Mold

Concrete Casting Videos

Taking the Mystery out of Creating a Concrete Sink Mold
Concrete Innovation of the Year – Concrete Furniture
Making a Concrete Sink from Design to Production

Encapsulation & Display

Create a Faux Marble Tabletop or Bartop Using Tarbender Epoxy
Make an Artificial Floral Arrangement Using Encapso K Clear Silicone Rubber
How to Make Fake Ice with Encapso K

Home Projects & Hobbies

DIY Self-Healing Cutting Mat with Econ® 80 Urethane Rubber
How To Make a Silicone Mold For Soap Making
Make a Glow In The Dark Necklace – Resin Jewelry


Making Large Scale Formliners with VytaFlex
Prototyping a Durable Conveyor Belt Cleaner
Prototyping an Impact-Resistant Sifting Mat


Making a Mold of Your Face with Reinforced Alginate
Making a Mold of a Head using Body Double Silicone
How to Make a Mold of Your Hand with Alginate

Model Making

How to Make a Squish Mold for Resin Model Cars
Mold Making Tutorial: 2 Piece Silicone Mold of a Knife
How To Make a Silicone Mold For a Replica Antique Rifle
Add Color And Effects To a 3D Printed Part Using XTC-3D Coating

Prototyping & Inventing

How To Make a 2 Piece Silicone Rubber Mold
Smoothing the Surface of a 3D Printed Model Using XTC-3D® Coating
How to Make a Silicone Mold of 3D Printed PLA

Sculpture & Art Casting

Sculpting with Epoxy Putty – Free Form AIR & SCULPT
Creating Glitter and Metallic Surface Finishes
Body Casting a Nude Model with Body Double Silicone

Skin FX

Ripped Face Special Effects Makeup
Create a Zombie Makeup Using Special FX Silicone
Zombie Special Effects Makeup Tutorial

Special Effects & Props

How to Make Fake Breakaway Glass using SMASH! Plastic
Create Impact Resistant Cosplay Props Using UreCoat®

Sprayable Materials

Spraying Mold Rubber and Plastic


Make a Silicone Mold of a Fish For Taxidermy

Themed Environments

Making Flame Rated Themed Elements with Habitat Cast N Coat™ Epoxy
How to Mix Free Form Habitat and Folding Powder
How to Make Custom Foam 3D Aquarium Backgrounds

Vacuum Bagging

SilCon III Meter Mix & Spray Machine Set Up
Advantages of EZ~Brush® Vac Bag Silicone Vacuum Bagging Material
Wind Blades Made with Custom Vacuum Bag


Making Flame Rated Themed Elements with Habitat Cast N Coat™ Epoxy
Create an Artificial Tree Limb
Making a Taxidermy Habitat Base
Bentley Advanced Materials – London Location Tour

What Customers Are Saying

Scott Gleed – Sculptor
John Evans – Royal Shakespeare Company Props Department
Dave Williams – Harvington Miniatures
Kenny Wilson – Films & Special Effects