About Us

Specialised moulding and casting covers a wide spectrum of activity, from industrial applications through to artistic creations and fabrications.

We stock rubbers, plastics, epoxies, foams, plasters and a whole host of ancillary products to cover all these areas.

Industrial Applications

We can advise on which are the best products for composite moulding, reproduction, prosthetics, bonding, coating, sealing, protection, encapsulation, prototyping, assembly and lubrication.

If you are looking for a product to use in any of these areas, or you have a particular challenge to overcome, please speak directly to our technical team.

Creative applications

We supply products across special effects, the arts, life-casting, fashion, design, merchandising and modelling — anything from one-off creations to low volume production runs.

This is a very diverse area and a lot of information on processes and the relevant products is contained within the How-To section of our website. If you are unsure about how to achieve a successful outcome, these articles may help. If you still can’t find your answer there, we’ll do what we can to help!

Bentley Workshops

We provide in store events and hands-on Mould Making & Casting, Lifecasting and special effects workshops at our facility.

Learn the basics of mould making, casting props, prototyping, special effects make-up and so much more.

Click here for more information on our workshops.


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