Encapsulation & Display

Some Bentley silicone rubbers, urethane rubbers, urethane liquid plastics, and epoxy resins are used for specific encapsulation and display applications depending on the project.

Each material has performance properties (such as optically clear or electrically insulative) that make it suitable for an encapsulation application above all others.

Bentley Advanced Materials also carries silicone rubber material designed specifically for solar cell encapsulation.

Which encapsulation liquid is right for your project?

Contact us. We’ll do our best to match the right material to your application.

Encapsulation & Display

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  1. Rubber Glass™

    Water-Clear Silicone Rubber

    • Starting at £33.64

      *Vat Included
  2. Tarbender™

    High Gloss Coating and Encapsulant

    • Starting at £50.99

      *Vat Included
  3. Encapso™ K

    Water Clear Encapsulation / Display Rubber

    • Starting at £44.53

      *Vat Included
  4. EpoxAcast™ 690

    Optically Clear Casting Epoxy

    • Starting at £56.10

      *Vat Included