Bentley Workshops

At Bentley Advanced Materials, we conduct creative workshops covering fascinating subjects like mould making, special make-up FX, and prop making, providing a comprehensive understanding with practical demonstrations and hands-on learning.

Learn from the best with experienced teaching staff in prop making, creature FX, and special make-up FX, in spacious, fully equipped seminar rooms, guaranteeing an informative, dynamic, and engaging experience exploring the exciting world of our materials.

Seminar Work Shops

Basics of Moulding & Casting

Join us for an engaging seminar delivered in an accessible slideshow/demo format, where we'll delve into the world of mould making and casting. Explore various techniques to achieve the perfect mold, and learn the art of selecting the ideal casting materials to replicate your originals flawlessly. Whether you're reproducing sculptures, casting resin, crafting candles, prototyping, or exploring special effects, this seminar equips you with the knowledge to excel in your creative endeavours.

Introduction to Flat Silicone Prosthetics

On this two-day class you will learn everything you need to know about creating flat silicone prosthetics. From design through to final application. We will cover sculpting techniques, mould making and working with silicone. Taught by Peter Tindall, with over twenty years' experience in the British film industry, Pete has worked on many high-profile productions such as Maleficent 2, Bladerunner 2049 and Annihilation. this promises to be an exciting, fun, and dynamic class.

Intermediate Mould Making for Special Makeup FX

Join our two-day seminar to explore intermediate prosthetic mould-making techniques. Learn to create a two-part resin mould for a prosthetic nose, cast silicone gel, and master core preparation, sculpting, and moulding for prosthetic ears. Gain insights into cutting-edge definition, flashing, and touch-down placement. Discover dos and don'ts, including cleaning, releasing, and applying cap plastic to moulds.

Creating Soft Props: A Two-Day Hands On Seminar

Join us for a hands-on seminar where we will explore the complete process of moulding and casting soft props. Each student will have the opportunity to create a mould of their chosen prop, which could be a dagger, gun, or another prop to be determined. From this mould, we will cast a piece and cover important techniques such as pre-painting into the mould, inserting armatures, and selecting the appropriate foam and finishing techniques.