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  • Smooth-Cast 57D

    Semi-Rigid Plastic

    Smooth-Cast™ 57D is a semi-rigid urethane plastic that offers a gradual cure profile (does not snap cure), making it suitable for machine or hand rotational casting.

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  • Habitat Cast N Coat

    Flame rated pourable and brushable epoxy

    Habitat Cast N Coat™ is the ideal material for public space fabrication applications.

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  • New - Ultra Light Weight

    Foam Clay for Cosplay

    Foam Clay can be sculpted, pressed into moulds and stamped with texture pads. Great for Cosplay and light weight pieces.

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  • New - Buddy Rhodes

    Concrete Products

    Create infinite variations of artisan concrete, from countertops to architectural elements, planters, furniture and more.

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  • Alja-Safe

    Mouldmaking material for Life Casting

    Alja-Safe™ is perfect for making single-use moulds of the face, hands and other body parts.

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  • Upcoming Workshops

    Basic Moulding & Casting

    Through various techniques and materials, we aim to maximise your learning experience.

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  • Derma-Tac

    Silicone Appliance Adhesive

    Designed for temporarily adhering silicone and latex makeup prosthetic appliances to the skin.

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  • Sculpting Clays

    Professional oil/wax & sulfur free

    Great for precision sculpting, prototyping and model making.

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Mouldmaking Seminars

Learn the basics of mould making and casting. Through demonstrations of various techniques and materials we aim to maximise the learning experience.

Seminar Schedule

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