Gypsum / Plasters

Casting and Surface Coat Gypsums

Materials used in the manufacture of fibrous plasterwork, glass reinforced gypsum structures, and general casting of decorative plasterwork. We also carry render bonding agents for plasterwork.

Applications include production of working moulds for the slip casting of tableware and figurines, the production of industrial models, cornice work, ceiling roses etc.,

Gypsum / Plasters - Casting and Surface Coat Gypsums

Products | How-To Videos

  1. Matrix Dryve™
    • Starting at £57.28

      *Vat Included
  2. Crystacal R
  3. duoMatrix NEO

    Polymer Modified Gypsum

    • Starting at £6.41

      *Vat Included
  4. Fine Casting Plus
  5. Keramicast
  6. Herculite Fibrefix
  7. Rendagrip Bonding

    Agent For Plasterwork

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