Mouldmaking Tools

Mould making tools and equipment that can make processing easier and ensure success with materials. From precision brand steel shim used in mould wall creation for brush on moulds to equipment for pressure casting liquid rubber and liquid plastics and more.
Mouldmaking Tools

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  1. Laminating Brush


    • As low as £0.35
      *Vat Included
  2. Aluminium Foil Tape

    40-Micron Adhesive Tape

  3. Steel Shim Roll

    For Mould Wall Creation

    • Starting at £26.87

      *Vat Included
  4. Pressure Tank

    For Bubble Free Castings

    • Starting at £384.88

      *Vat Included
  5. Foam Brush Set

    3 Pack Of Disposable Brushes

  6. Glass Fiber Cloth

    9.6 oz. Woven Fiberglass Cloth

  7. Chopped Strand

    Fibreglass Matte

    • Starting at £3.00

      *Vat Included