Release Agents For Concrete

AquaCon™ is a water based concrete release agent that aids in releasing concrete castings from Smooth-On rubber molds and other surfaces such as melamine, metal and non-porous (sealed) wood. It provides a clean, positive release, does not interfere with color or surface detail and helps minimize bug holes and air bubbles in finished castings.

IN & OUT™ II water soluble release agent will aid in releasing concrete or gypsum plaster castings from Smooth-On rubber molds. IN & OUT™ II provides a clean, positive release and does not interfere with or affect surface detail and helps minimize air bubbles in finished castings.

One Step™ will facilitate the release of cured urethane mold rubber from plaster, concrete, stone, brick, marble, limestone, wood, metal and other surfaces. Do not use on modeling clays.

Release Agents For Concrete

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  1. One Step™

    Sealing Agent & Release Agent in One

    • Starting at £20.77

      *Vat Included
  2. In & Out™ II

    Water Soluble Concrete Release Agent

  3. AquaCon™

    Water Based Concrete Release Agent

    • Starting at £26.80

      *Vat Included