Dispensing, Mixing and Measuring Tools

Everything necessary for measuring, dispensing and mixing mould making and casting materials.

Dispensing, Mixing and Measuring Tools

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  1. 26 Litre Mixing Bucket With Lid

    Plastic bucket with lid and metal handle.

  2. Beaker 550ml

    Plastic Measuring and Mixing Container

  3. Mix & Measure Containers

    Plastic Containers For Mixing and Measuring

    • Starting at £0.60

      *Vat Included
  4. Popcorn Buckets

    Affordable mixing containers

    • Starting at £0.88

      *Vat Included
  5. 5 Litre Bucket

    For Mixing Large Quantities

  6. Mixing Sticks

    For Rubber, Resin and More

    • Starting at £0.28

      *Vat Included
  7. Tongue Depressors

    Useful for material mixing and applying

  8. Flexi Black Splash Bowls

    For Plaster and Other Materials