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The easy to use OOMOO or Mold Star silicone mould rubbers are perfect for the hobbyist and can be used to reproduce detail of any small or simple model. Smooth-Cast 300 liquid plastic can then be poured into your mould to make an exact copy of your original. Great for school projects (note: these materials require adult supervision at all times).

Basic Mould Making and Casting for School or Home Projects – Give your student an edge by using Bentley rubbers, plastics and foams to create interesting models, science projects, ocean / seascapes, topographical representations, and more. (Important; adult supervision essential. Children should not use these materials without adult supervision).

Create eye-catching resin jewellery –  Many UK jewelry makers have found the ease of use of urethane resins and silicone rubbers to be a great match for their hobby.  Some have even created their own businesses!

Lifecasting materials help create long lasting memories – Making a lasting keepsake of your child’s hand or face is safe and easy with Alja-Safe alginate. The Alja-Safe Starter Kit has everything you need to be successful.

Home Projects & Hobbies
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