Bentley mould rubbers and casting materials can be used to create unique forms of art from natural wood. These materials can be used for fabrication, encapsulation, coating, finishing, casting and repair. Silicone mould rubber can be used to capture woodgrain detail, casting resins and foams reproduce that detail perfectly. Clear epoxies are used to cast and coat beautiful, high gloss encapsulated wood furniture.

Use clear epoxies to create UV resistant, optically clear turned wood projects. Semi-rigid casting materials are used to create flexible faux wood architectural pieces.


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  1. Tarbender™

    High Gloss Coating and Encapsulant

    • Starting at £50.99

      *Vat Included
  2. EpoxAcast™ 690

    Optically Clear Casting Epoxy

    • Starting at £56.10

      *Vat Included
  3. XTC-3D™

    High Performance 3D Print Coating

    • Starting at £19.21

      *Vat Included