EpoxAcoat™ Series

Surface Coat Epoxies

Thixotropic epoxy gel coats which are widely used for hand laminating/tooling applications. They are tough and strong surface coat resins which cure at room temperature and offer exceptional abrasion resistance. EpoxAcoat™ RED and EpoxAcoat™ GREY are easy to use, wet out well over a variety of surfaces and will coat vertical surfaces without sagging. EpoxAcoat™ HT is a slightly thixotropic epoxy gel coat that offers high heat resistance (284°F / 140°C after Post Curing).

EpoxAcoat™ Series - Surface Coat Epoxies

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Vacuum Resin Infusion Process: Fabricating a Composite Car Seat
Creating a High Temperature Tool Using EpoxAmite™ HT + EpoxAcoat™ HT

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