Release Agents For Mouldmaking and Casting

Ease Release™ 200 (spray), 205 (liquid) works with both urethanes and silicones for making molds and casting parts. Release polyurethane elastomers, epoxy resin, polyester resins, RTV silicones, rubber, and thermoplastic polymers. Effective on aluminum, chrome, RTV silicone, epoxy, rubber, and steel molds.

Ease Release™ 2831 is a wax-based non-silicone liquid release agent. It has proven to be effective when used to release polyurethane foams.

Universal™ Mold Release works with most urethane liquid rubber and liquid plastic products. Releases urethane mold rubbers from properly prepared models and a variety of casting materials from cured rubber molds.

Release Agents For Mouldmaking and Casting


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