Epoxy Resin Accessories

Products to make working with epoxies easier, faster and more productive. Expand the capabilities of the epoxies with the addition of thinner or colorants

Epoxy Resin Accessories

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    16 oz. Bottle

    • Starting at £9.40

      *Vat Included
  2. Free Form™ Detailer
    • Starting at £6.11

      *Vat Included
  3. Habitat™ Folding Powder

    Used to thicken Habitat™ Epoxies

    • Starting at £18.17

      *Vat Included
  4. UVO™ Colorants

    UV-Resistant Pigments for Urethane and Epoxy

    • As low as £18.76
      *Vat Included
  5. Ignite™ Fluorescent Pigments

    Fluorescent Colourants for Rubber, Resin and Foam

    • As low as £28.30
      *Vat Included
  6. Epic™ Epoxy Thinner

    Epoxy Resin Thinning Fluid

    • Starting at £17.16

      *Vat Included