Aquariums, Zoos and Themed Environments

Aquariums, Zoos and Themed Environments

Public Spaces and Ultimate Realism

Bentley offers a variety of lasting materials used around the world to make hyper-realistic indoor and outdoor immersive environments for zoos, aquariums, theme parks, shopping malls, casinos and more. Depending on requirements, materials are lightweight and designed to withstand environmental variables such as freeze/thaw, heat, UV, water, etc. Some are certified to the highest architectural flame rating (E-84, Class 1).

Zoos – Animal safe and animal resistant, Habitat epoxies resist extreme impact, claws, teeth, etc. New Buddy Rhodes Vertical Concrete Mix is a sculpt-able fiber concrete blend used to create trees, rockscapes, and more.

Aquariums – Bentley offers a variety of money saving materials and methods for making your own aquatic life displays. Large or small scale, they last a long time in salt or fresh water environments. Habitat Epoxies let you create a variety of coral species with lifelike accuracy. Smooth-On silicones, urethanes and vibrant color pigments let you create sea fans, sea anemone and more. All materials we recommend have been tested and certified “Aquarium Safe”.

Themed Environments – The world’s largest theme parks use the full range of Habitat Sculpting Epoxies to make trees, vines, bamboo railings and wall panels, rot-proof benches/picnic tables, etc. Vertical Concrete Mix is used to create scenic rockscapes, caves, climbing walls, large scale trees and more.

Smooth-On mould rubbers are used to make moulds for production casting of indoor and outdoor architectural elements using rigid foams, urethane and epoxy resins. Crystal Clear resin has been used for more than 30 years to create ice, snow and crystal element effects.

Themed Environments

Themed Environments

Fabricators of themed environments all over the world use Smooth-On theming rubbers, plastics and foams to bring fantasy and excitement to new heights for thrill seeking patrons.

What themed environments feature elements and displays were made With Smooth-On theming materials?

Las Vegas Hotels & Casinos, Place du Casino in Monaco, The Venetian Macao Casino and many more from around the world.

Theme parks like Disney: Orlando, Disney: Anaheim, Disney: Paris, Disney: Tokyo, Universal Studios, Six Flags Amusement Parks, Great Adventure Amusement Parks.

Theme Restaurants including Manhattan’s ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ and Kansas City’s Beachbums Island.

Talk to our technicians about your project. We’ll share our experience in helping other theme fabricators and give you material options.



Liquid rubbers, plastics, foams, etc. for making award-winning taxidermy mounts & displays.

Taxidermists around the world know Smooth-On mould making rubbers, casting plastics, foams, etc. to be versatile, consistent, and economical.

Yes You Can! Smooth-On has dozens of materials and supplies to choose from and technical support to put you back on track if you get into trouble or lose your way. These materials are very easy to use and offer almost limitless design possibility.

‘I use to pay someone else to make my antler molds, but I now do it myself using Mold Max Stroke silicone and Smooth-Cast 320 plastic. And once I got good at that, it led to other projects using foams, pigments and plastics I didn’t even know existed’.
-Bubba Arquette, Taxidermist / Shreveport, LA

Taxidermists like Tony Breedlove of Wildlife Art Creations in Melrose, FL, use Smooth-On rubbers, plastics, foams, pigments, etc. to create flawless reproductions of fish, reptiles, waterfowl and game. Innovative mould making and casting techniques have redefined the state-of-the-art in realistically reproducing wildlife.

Vacuum Bagging

Vacuum Bagging

EZ~Spray® Silicone 20 spray rubber is made especially for dispensing through Smooth-On’s EZ~Spray® Jr spray gun and has been developed specifically for applications that utilise vacuum bagging processes such as resin infusion and prepreg.

Sprayed silicone vacuum bags offer many advantages to traditional bagging materials and techniques.

The advantage that EZ~Spray® Silicone 20 offers versus conventional vacuum bagging systems is the speed at which a production-ready silicone bags can be made resulting in significant time and labour savings.

EZ~Brush® Vac Bag silicone is a brushable addition-cure silicone developed especially for making high performance, reusable silicone vacuum bags.

EZ~Brush® Vac Bag silicone is easy to mix and apply. Mix ratio is 1A:1B by volume and rubber can be applied with a brush or spatula to vertical surfaces without sagging.

Silicone vacuum bags are durable & can be reused time and again. 90% reduced labour costs. Green process: no bag film waste, reduces environmental impact.

Making Re-usable Vacuum Bags Offers Several Advantages:

  • Reusable Bags Reduces Labour Costs up to 90%
  • Reusable Bags Can Be Used To Quickly Produce Many Parts
  • Easy to Mix and Apply
  • Reusable Silicone Bags Resist Attack from Chemically Harsh Resins
  • Better Heat Resistance up to 260°C
  • Non-hazardous: No Odour
  • Using EZ~Brush® Bags Are Eco-Friendly: Reusable Bags Eliminates Bag Film Waste

Sprayable Materials

Sprayable Materials

Smooth-On’s versatile line of sprayable rubbers, plastics, and foams are for large projects or for completing a number of smaller projects simultaneously. The EZ~Spray, Jr spray system is an inexpensive alternative to buying complicated spray equipment that can cost £30,000 and more. The EZ~Spray, Jr spray gun is portable, easy to use and can deliver all of Smooth-On’s sprayable materials.

Recommended: The EZ~Spray system is for very specific projects, and we recommend that you discuss your project with Smooth-On technical support before investing in this technology.

Special Effects & Props

Special Effects & Props

Bentley’s rubbers, plastics, foams, and other materials have been used for years to bring film, television, and stage special effects to life.

Films, Television Productions and Stage Shows that have used our products to create spectacular special FX include: Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, James Bond Series, Aliens, The Matrix, Harry Potter Series, X-Men Series, Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, Batman, Dexter, Battle Star Gallactica, CSI: Miami, Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, The Lion King, Mary Poppins, Stomp, Blue Man Group, The Little Mermaid, Spam-a-lot, Beauty & The Beast

…and many more productions too numerous to list!


Sculpture & Art Casting

Sculpture & Art Casting

Smooth-On mould rubber has been used for more than 60 years to reproduce sculpture all over the world ranging in size from less than 2.5cm to almost 120 m high.

Today, Smooth-On urethane, silicone, and polysulfide rubbers are used by thousands of sculptors and foundries for casting wax, resins, plaster, concrete, and other sculpture materials to make accurate reproductions of original sculpture.

Project Specific: Smooth-On’s wide range includes mould rubbers that can be poured on, brushed on, sprayed on, or pressed on to any original sculpture and will reproduce detail perfectly. Reproductions can be cast in urethane plastic, epoxy resin, plaster, concrete, and more.

Click here to contact our technical department to discuss your sculpting project and material options.

Prototyping & Inventing

Prototyping & Inventing

Bentley Advanced Materials can help your idea become a reality…

On your way to developing your idea or invention, you will need a prototype, a physical representation of your idea, before you go to production

The mouldmaking and casting materials which Bentley carries can be used to create prototypes which accurately reflect every detail of your original.  Whether your original model is a clay sculpture, carved tooling board, or a 3D print, we can help you produce a useable and testable prototype.

Bentley’s carries silicone rubbers which cure with virtually no shrinkage, as well as casting resins and rubbers which can reproduce the performance characteristics of many production materials.

Make your idea a reality…contact Bentley Advanced Materials for guidance.

Orthotics & Prosthetics

Orthotics & Prosthetics

Bentley Advanced Materials stocks high quality liquid RTV compounds which are used for fabricating a variety of custom and stock Prosthetics and Orthotics such as:

  • Silicone Socket Liners
  • End / Pressure Pads
  • Cosmetic Prothetics
  • AFO’s & WHO’s
  • Urethane Partial Feet
  • Silicone Partial Feet

We also carry products are also suitable for:

  • Socket Duplication
  • Check-Socket Accuracy
  • Body-Part Impressions

Model Making

Model Making

Model makers know Bentley’s silicone rubbers and liquid plastics to be the perfect combination to reproduce their creations and drive production.

Mold Max silicones have become the industry standard for making moulds that capture very fine detail down to a ‘fingerprint’. With several to choose from, the Mold Max line covers most mould making scenarios and offers the model maker tremendous versatility.

Smooth-Cast plastics and TASK plastics are then used to cast into these moulds to make exact reproductions. SO-Strong colour tints and a variety of fillers can be added to create an infinite number of effects. Cured plastics are also easily painted, giving the user complete creative control over the modelling outcome.



Alja-Safe alginate and Body Double silicone rubber have become movie studio favorites and industry standards for capturing / reproducing detail from the human body. Formulated to be entirely skin safe mould materials (both are ACMI certified skin safe), these products are used for:

Small projects: for example, reproducing infant’s hands and feet to make forever-lasting castings of a new birth event. Also, reproducing finger prints by law enforcement agencies.

Intermediate projects: for example, reproducing detail of someone’s fingers, hands, feet, or a face for school art projects; making film special effects or making orthotic and orthopaedic appliances; making medical training aids and more.

Large projects: for example, reproducing a torso (face to mid-section) or entire body (head to toe) for making film special effects, castings for museums, medical training aids and more.



Bentley’s rubbers, plastics, foams, epoxies and other materials have exceptional physical and mechanical properties that make them suitable for a variety of industrial and military applications.

Castable Rubber:

Bentley Advanced Materials carries urethanes and silicone rubbers available in hardnesses ranging from softer than skin to harder than a car tyre and everything in between.
Industrial rubber applications include: Rubber Gaskets • Abrasion Resistant Ball Mill Liners • Impact Resistant Rubbers • Sprayable Rubber • Chemical Resistant Industrial Rollers • Silicone Print Pads • High Tensile Strength Rubbers

Urethane Plastics:

From the general purpose ‘Smooth-Cast’ resin line to the specialty ‘TASK’ performance urethane plastic line and castable epoxies.
Bentley Carries Plastics Which Feature: High Impact Resistance • High Heat Resistance • Fast Cycle Time • Unbreakable In Ultra-Thin Sections • Plastics Designed For Rotational Casting • Trowelable onto Vertical or Inverted Surfaces • Sprayable Plastic • Sprayable Foam Coating

Rigid & Flexible Foams:

Easy to use, premium formulations with premium physical and performance properties compared to commercially available “packing” foams.
Applications include: Cushioning • Flexible Foam Repair • Orthotic and Orthopedic
• Lightweight Reinforcement • Industrial Rigid Cast Foam Parts • Industrial Adhesive

Epoxy Adhesives

Bentley supplies many major automobile manufacturers, all branches of the Military, and thousands of industrial customers. These are not adhesives that you can find at the DIY centre, and they offer exceptional bonding properties for a variety of industrial applications.

Click here to contact our technical support line to discuss your project. We’ll help you select the material that’s right for you.

Home Projects & Hobbies

Home Projects & Hobbies

Looking for a new hobby? Bentley rubbers, plastics and foams are ideal for a variety of home hobbies and arts & crafts projects.

Key Products for Hobbyists

The easy to use OOMOO or Mold Star silicone mould rubbers are perfect for the hobbyist and can be used to reproduce detail of any small or simple model. Smooth-Cast 300 liquid plastic can then be poured into your OOMOO or Mold Star mould to make an exact copy of your original. Great for school projects (note: these materials require adult supervision at all times).

What Kind of Hobby & Craft Projects?

Basic Mould Making and Casting for School or Home Projects – Give your student an edge by using Bentley rubbers, plastics and foams to create interesting models, science projects, ocean / seascapes, topographical representations, and more. Your student will learn how useful these materials can be for future projects. (Important; adult supervision essential. Children should not use these materials without adult supervision.)

Smooth-On plastics are used to create eye-catching resin jewelry –  Many UK jewelry makers have found the ease of use of urethane resins and silicone rubbers to be a great match for their hobby.  Some have even created their own businesses!

Lifecasting materials help create long lasting memories – Making a lasting keepsake of your child’s hand or face is safe and easy with Alja-Safe alginate. The Alja-Safe Starter Kit has everything you need to be successful.

Food Related Applications

Food Related Applications

Have you ever wondered how to make custom sweets moulds, make your own custom or personalized chocolate moulds, or even make moulds for fondant or cakes?

Some of the addition-cure silicones Bentley carries are certified safe for food contact.

Smooth-Sil® 940, Sorta Clear® 40, Sorta Clear® 18, and the Equinox® Series are suitable for making baking moulds and trays, ice trays, casting butter, chocolate and other applications used to produce foods.

The Smooth-On TASK® 11 resin can also be used for dry food contact applications.

The possibilities are nearly endless: from sweets to high-detail cake making applications. Ice sculptures, butter sculptures, even moulds for baking breads and cakes can be made from these materials!

Click Here to Download Food-Safe Silicone TB

Encapsulation & Display

Encapsulation & Display

Some Bentley silicone rubbers, urethane rubbers, urethane liquid plastics, and epoxy resins are used for specific encapsulation and display applications depending on the project.

Each material has performance properties (such as optically clear or electrically insulative) that make it suitable for an encapsulation application above all others.

Bentley Advanced Materials also carries silicone rubber material designed specifically for solar cell encapsulation.

Which encapsulation liquid is right for your project?

Click here to contact us. We’ll do our best to match the right material to your application.

Cement Moulding

Cement Moulding

Concrete casting professionals in the UK and from around the world know Bentley’s liquid rubber products as the industry standard for making rubber moulds that have the abrasion resistance and tear strength needed to keep production moving.

Bentley Advanced Materials carries urethane and silicone rubbers which can be brushed on, poured on, or sprayed onto an original model.  Once the mould rubber cures, the moulds can be used to make architectural elements, concrete stone veneer, formliners, concrete countertops, GFRC panels, concrete statues and furniture and more.

The mould rubbers Bentley carries are available in a wide range of hardnesses, from a Shore 10A up to a Shore 90A rating.  We can help you match the perfect mould rubber to your project.



From the largest international candle making conglomerates to home hobbyists in the U.K. that enjoy making their own candles for family and friends, Bentley’s urethane and silicone mould rubbers are the supplies used to make custom molds for casting wax.

Urethane rubber, such as PMC-744, has been used for many years to create production candle moulds.  Urethanes are low-viscosity liquid rubbers that cure overnight into tough, solid rubber moulds.  Silicones, such as the Mold Star series, have become very popular for candles with intricate shapes and details.  The release properties and high heat resistance of silicone makes it an excellent choice for making candle moulds.

Can we help you select a mould rubber for your wax casting project?
Contact our technical support department and we’ll do our best to help you.

Aquarium Decoration

Aquarium Decoration

Smooth-On Rubber, Plastic and Foam For Amazing Aquatic Displays

Our tutorials will show you step-by-step how to make sea anemones, coral, sea fans, sea sponge, rock scapes and more. These materials allow you to make custom shapes, sizes and coloured display pieces that are hyper-realistic. There are no limits to what you can create!

Watch Free Tutorials on How to Make:
Silicone Sea Anemone
Semi-Rigid Plastic Sea Fan
Resin Finger Coral
Resin Sea Sponge
Resin Cast Live Rock
Foam Aquarium Backdrop

Why Smooth-On for Custom Aquarium Decorations?
Aquarium safe
Amazing detail
Incredible cost savings
Eliminates reef harvesting

Architectural Restoration

Architectural Restoration

Bentley’s materials products have been used here in the U.K. and around the world for years to restore old or create new architectural elements.  The mould rubbers carried by Bentley are easy to use and offer maximum versatility for any restoration project.

Urethane rubber, such as the Smooth-On Brush-On Series, is the workhorse of this industry.  Brush-on and pour-on versions can be used for plaster casting to create hundreds of perfectly detailed castings.  Silicone rubber, such as Rebound 25, is also very popular, as the ease of use (no release required) and long library life can produce a perfect, production-quality mold.

YES YOU CAN! We offer everything you need to do it yourself, including the best technical help and project assistance in available anywhere in the U.K.