Ecoflex™ 00-50

Shore 00-50 Super-Soft, Addition Cure Silicone Rubber

Ecoflex™ rubbers are platinum-catalyzed silicones that are versatile and easy to use. Ecoflex™ rubbers are mixed 1A:1B by weight or volume and cured at room temperature with negligible shrinkage. Low viscosity ensures easy mixing and de-airing, or you can choose to mix and dispense using our convenient dispensing cartridges. Cured material is skin safe and certified by an independent laboratory.

Ecoflex™ 00-50 - Shore 00-50 Super-Soft, Addition Cure Silicone Rubber
How Does It Work?
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Quick Tech Data

  • 1A:1B

    Mix Ratio By Volume

  • 1A:1B

    Mix Ratio By Weight

  • 18 minutes

    Pot Life

  • 3 hours

    Cure Time

  • 00-50

    Shore Hardness

Cured rubber is very soft, very strong and very “stretchy”, stretching many times its original size without tearing and will rebound to its original form without distortion. Ecoflex™ rubbers are water white translucent and can be color pigmented with Silc Pig™ pigments for creating a variety of color effects. You can also add Smooth-On’s Silicone Thinner™ to further lower the viscosity. THI-VEX™ silicone thickener can be added by weight to Ecoflex™ silicones for brushable applications.

Soft, Softer, Softest . . . Ecoflex™ rubbers are based on Smooth-On’s Dragon Skin™ technology and are currently available in four different hardness’: Shore A-5, Shore 00-10, 00-20, 00-30 and 00-50. They are suitable for a variety of applications including making prosthetic appliances, cushioning for orthotics and special effects applications (especially in animatronics where repetitive motion is required).

Available Sizes

Ecoflex 00-50 Trial Kit

Net Wt: 0.91 kg

*Vat Included

*Product Packaging May Vary

Ecoflex 00-50 1 Gallon Unit

Net Wt: 7.26 kg

*Vat Included

*Product Packaging May Vary

Ecoflex 00-50 5-Gallon Unit

Net Wt: 36.28 kg

*Vat Included

*Product Packaging May Vary