Makeup Colour Palettes

Bluebird palettes are made in small batches to ensure maximum quality control. The pigments are finely milled which ensures a more homogenous fluid with stronger colours, smoother application and a particle size made especially for airbrushes and HD technology. Next, pharmaceutical grade resins are added for superior adhesion and a product that won't flake or crumble. Formulated to withstand separation upon standing, Bluebird inks look rich and lustrous, never dry or chalky. With around four times the solids of other brands, Bluebird Inks give better quality, better value and require less retouching.

Palette colours are activated with a spray or dab of alcohol and have spectacular staying power.

BlueBirdFX - Makeup Colour Palettes

Pale Skin Palette - Soft, pure tones including colours for highlighting, giving a hint of warmth or covering tattoos and discoloration.
Colours: Parchment, Birch, Paperbark, Driftwood, Blue Concealer, Blush, Special Lite, White

Fair Skin Palette - A beautiful selection of neutral tones and neutralising colours especially for fair skin. It even includes a dark tone for contouring or freckle spatter.
Colours: Praline, Almond, Cashew, Lite, Long Black, Hazelnut, Warmer, Blue Neutraliser

Medium Skin Palette - Wonderfully rich skin tones with either yellow or red bias. A great all-round palette for every occasion.
Colours: Light Caramel, Pecan, Walnut, Chai, Cinnamon, Chestnut, Satay, Mocha

Dark Skin Palette - A beautifully formulated range for dark skin tones, from the lightest to the deepest. Also great for general contouring.
Colours: Greek Coffee, Cappuccino, Peanut, Sienna, Coffee Bean, Macchiato, Toffee, Terracotta

Character Palette - Makes character and aging make-ups a breeze!
Colours: Bisque, Vein, Freckle, Age Spot, Shadow, Sallow, Blood Blister, Tea Stain

Brights Palette - Originally intended for body painting, this palette has since become the go-to for every artist who enjoys the control of mixing their own colours. Also perfect for injuries and bruising on dark skin because of the intense colours achievable.
Colours: Black, Iris, Cobalt, Fushsia, Scarlet, Marigold, Sunflower, Spinach

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