Mold Star™ 20T

Translucent 1A:1B By Volume Silicone

Mold Star™ rubbers are easy to use addition cure silicones which are mixed 1A:1B by volume (no weighing scale necessary). Mold Star™ silicones feature relatively low viscosities and vacuum degassing is not required for most applications.

Mold Star™ 20T is a fast material with a 6 minute pot life and 30 minute cure time.

Cured Mold Star™ 20T is skin safe and certified by an independent laboratory.

Mold Star™ 20T - Translucent 1A:1B By Volume Silicone
How Does It Work?
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Quick Tech Data

  • 1A:1B

    Mix Ratio By Volume

  • 6 minutes

    Pot Life

  • 30 minutes

    Cure Time

  • 20 A

    Shore Hardness

Mold Star™ 20T cures in to a soft, strong rubber that is tear resistant and exhibits very low long term shrinkage. Moulds made with Mold Star™ will last a long time in your mould library and are good for casting wax, gypsum, resins and other materials.

Mold Star™ 20T silicone can be thickened with Thi-Vex™ thickener for brush-on application and effects. An infinite number of colour effects can be achieved by adding Silc  Pig™ silicone pigments or Cast Magic™ effects powders.

Mold Star™ 20T - Translucent 1A:1B By Volume Silicone


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Mold Star 20T - Trial Unit

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Mold Star 20T - Gallon Unit

Net Wt: 7.26 kg

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