Body Double SILK
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Body Double SILK

Body Double® SILK is a self-releasing platinum-cure silicone rubber that can be applied directly to the skin to make moulds of the face, hands and other body parts. Body Double® SILK will release from hair-covered skin surfaces (closely cropped beards, moustaches, eye-brows, pubic hair, etc.). Release cream or Hyperfolic is not needed when using Body Double® SILK.

Body Double® SILK has a working time of six minutes and a demould time of 20 minutes (depending on material temperature, ambient temperature and body temperature – see the technical bulletin for details).

The rubber cures quickly and will reproduce excellent detail from any original model. Body Double® SILK will last for many castings of almost any material including plaster, Matrix® Neo®, wax, and resins (Smooth-Cast urethanes, polyester, etc.)


Product Name Pot LifeDemould Time Net Weight
Body Double SILK (Gallon Unit)6 minutes20 minutes6.36 Kg
Body Double SILK (Trial Unit)6 minutes20 minutes0.8 Kg