Cap Plastic

For Encapsulated Silicone Appliances

To use Cap Plastic for encapsulation - 2 parts IPA : 1 part Cap Plastic. Spray Ease Release 800 into a silicone mold or plastic mold. Allow to dry and then brush 10 layers of Cap Plastic into the mold allowing each layer to dry. Each layer to be brushed into detail and over the edge as a flange. Pour into detail Ecoflex Gel or silicone until detail is full but not overflowing. Brush a narrow overlap of gel or silicone over cap plastic, just 1 or 2mm. Allow silicone to set. Brush a further 5 layers of Cap Plastic over the back of the gel or silicone and continue onto previous applied layers of cap plastic, allowing each layer to dry. Talc the back of the encapsulated gel or silicone. Slowly remove the encapsulated piece from mold and talc the front face. Trim to neaten encapsulated appliance but leaving a 5mm edge of cap plastic to blend onto skin. Encapsulated piece is now ready for use. Each layer of cap plastic should take around 10 mins to dry.

Cap Plastic - For Encapsulated Silicone Appliances

To use Cap Plastic as a bald Cap (do not dilute with IPA).
Using a head mannequin, draw a line of finished shape of bald cap. Spray with Ease Release 800 and allow to dry. Using a natural sponge or PU sponge, stipple cap plastic onto mannequin head. Allow to fully dry between applications. Apply 15-20 layers to create bald cap. Once all layers are dry, talc the bald cap. Trim edges of bald cap to drawn line. Slowly ease around the bald cap edges with talc on fingers until edges are loose. Slowly release bald cap from mannequin head working your way between bald cap and mannequin from edge of bald cap into centre. Remove bald cap from mannequin head and talc the inside. Bald cap is now ready to use.

IPA will dissolve the edge of the encapsulated gel, silicone appliance or bald cap edge onto skin.

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