Bluesil CATA 24H

Bluesil (formerly Rhodorsil) CATA 24H is a catalyst for Bluesil polycondensation silicone elastomers.

Bluesil CATA 24H

 CATA 24H is colourless, odourless, and offers pot life of 90-150 minutes and demould time of 24 hours (measured at at 23°C, 50% relative humidity). CATA 24H is added to RTV 3318 or RTV 3325 at a mix ratio of 100 parts silicone to 5 parts catalyst by weight.

Available Sizes

  • 10 grams
    *Vat Included
  • Net Wt: 0.05 kg
  • 1 lb
    *Vat Included
  • Net Wt: 0.25 kg
  • 2 lb
    *Vat Included
  • Net Wt: 1 kg

Product Questions

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How can I eliminate bubbles from my castings?

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Using a vacuum chamber or pressure pot will help in removing most to all bubbles from your castings. You can read more here.

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