Mold Max™ 60 High Temp Silicone Rubber
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Mold Max™ 60 High Temp Silicone Rubber

Mold Max™ 60 is a Shore 60A condensation-cure silicone rubber formulated for applications requiring high heat resistance (up to 294°C). It features a low mixed viscosity and cured rubber exhibits very low linear shrinkage. Parts A & B are mixed 100A:3B by weight. Pot life is 40 minutes and cure time is 24 hours. Applications include making foundry patterns, flat pattern reproductions and casting low-melt metal alloys such as tin and pewter.

NOTE: An accurate gram scale is required to measure the mix ratio for Mold Max 60 and vacuum degassing the rubber is highly recommended. Thi-Vex is not compatible with Mold Max 60.

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Product Name Pot LifeDemould Time Net Weight
Mold Max 60 (Gallon Unit)45 minutes24 hours5.6 Kg
Mold Max 60 (Trial Unit)45 minutes24 hours1.02 Kg