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  • Ultimate Wound Kit

    Realistic Skin Effects

    Create fast wounds, scars and skin effect appliances directly to the skin.

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  • Alja-Safe

    Mouldmaking material for Life Casting

    Alja-Safe™ is perfect for making single-use moulds of the face, hands and other body parts.

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  • Formula Plasters

    Architectural & Decorative Casting

    Formula plasters are used extensively for high quality reproduction of architectural models, statues, figurines and other decorative pieces.

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  • UreCoat

    Flexible Rubber Coating

    Brush UreCoat™ onto a variety of surfaces to provide a flexible, tough and impact resistant coating.

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  • Vertical Mix

    Carvable Concrete

    Creating various textures by carving, sculpting or stamping. Used for creating themed environments, zoos & aquarium displays, decorative panels and public sculpture.

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Mouldmaking Seminars

Learn the basics of mould making and casting. Through demonstrations of various techniques and materials we aim to maximise the learning experience.

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