Aquariums, Zoos and Themed Environments

Public Spaces and Ultimate Realism

Bentley offers a variety of lasting materials used around the world to make hyper-realistic indoor and outdoor immersive environments for zoos, aquariums, theme parks, shopping malls, casinos and more. Depending on requirements, materials are lightweight and designed to withstand environmental variables such as freeze/thaw, heat, UV, water, etc. Some are certified to the highest architectural flame rating (E-84, Class 1).

Zoos – Animal safe and animal resistant, Habitat epoxies resist extreme impact, claws, teeth, etc. New Buddy Rhodes Vertical Concrete Mix is a sculpt-able fiber concrete blend used to create trees, rockscapes, and more.

Aquariums – Bentley offers a variety of money saving materials and methods for making your own aquatic life displays. Large or small scale, they last a long time in salt or fresh water environments. Habitat Epoxies let you create a variety of coral species with lifelike accuracy. Smooth-On silicones, urethanes and vibrant color pigments let you create sea fans, sea anemone and more. All materials we recommend have been tested and certified “Aquarium Safe”.

Themed Environments – The world’s largest theme parks use the full range of Habitat Sculpting Epoxies to make trees, vines, bamboo railings and wall panels, rot-proof benches/picnic tables, etc. Vertical Concrete Mix is used to create scenic rockscapes, caves, climbing walls, large scale trees and more.

Smooth-On mould rubbers are used to make moulds for production casting of indoor and outdoor architectural elements using rigid foams, urethane and epoxy resins. Crystal Clear resin has been used for more than 30 years to create ice, snow and crystal element effects.

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