Liquid rubbers, plastics, foams, etc. for making award-winning taxidermy mounts & displays.

Taxidermists around the world know Smooth-On mould making rubbers, casting plastics, foams, etc. to be versatile, consistent, and economical.

Yes You Can! Smooth-On has dozens of materials and supplies to choose from and technical support to put you back on track if you get into trouble or lose your way. These materials are very easy to use and offer almost limitless design possibility.

‘I use to pay someone else to make my antler molds, but I now do it myself using Mold Max Stroke silicone and Smooth-Cast 320 plastic. And once I got good at that, it led to other projects using foams, pigments and plastics I didn’t even know existed’.
-Bubba Arquette, Taxidermist / Shreveport, LA

Taxidermists like Tony Breedlove of Wildlife Art Creations in Melrose, FL, use Smooth-On rubbers, plastics, foams, pigments, etc. to create flawless reproductions of fish, reptiles, waterfowl and game. Innovative mould making and casting techniques have redefined the state-of-the-art in realistically reproducing wildlife.

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