Econ 80
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Econ 80

Econ® 80 is an economical Shore 80A polyurethane rubber suitable for a variety of mould making and industrial applications. It is a lower cost, faster cure alternative to our popular PMC®-780. Although, physical properties are lower vs. PMC®-780.

Econ® 80 is a no odour system that features a one Part A to one Part B mix ratio and a low viscosity for easy mixing and pouring. The working time is about 13 minutes at room temperature, the handling time is six hours and then it cures overnight with minimal shrinkage. Econ® 80 is translucent and can easily be coloured with SO-Strong® or Ignite® colorants.

Econ® 80 is used to make short run moulds for casting concrete and resins, concrete stamping pads, rubber mechanical parts, coating fabrics, pour-in-place gaskets for industrial equipment and burial vaults.


Product Name Pot LifeDemould Time Net Weight
Econ 80 (Gallon Unit)13 minutes6 hours6.9 Kg
Econ 80 (Trial Unit)13 minutes6 hours0.86 Kg