Brush-On™ 60

shore 60A "Brushable" Polyurethane Rubber Compound

Smooth-On’s Brush-On™ Series of mold rubbers are extremely versatile and are famous for their abrasion resistance and high tear strength. They have the convenience of a one-to-one mix ratio and are easy to mix and apply with a brush or spatula.

Brush-On™ 60 - shore 60A

Quick Tech Data

  • 1A:1B

    Mix Ratio By Volume

  • 20 minutes

    Pot Life

  • 16 hours

    Cure Time

  • 60 A

    Shore Hardness

  • Off White


Brush-On™ 60 paints onto vertical surfaces without sagging and will cure with negligible shrinkage to durable rubbers that perform and last in production. It will also capture exact detail from any original model. Brush-On™ 60 possesses superior abrasion resistance and tear strength and is ideal for casting concrete and hard plasters in applications where less flexibility is required

Brush-On™ 60 - shore 60A


Mold Making Tutorial: How To Make a Brush-On Rubber Mold of a Bust

Available Sizes

Brush-On 60 - Trial Size

Net Wt: 0.82 kg

*Vat Included

*Product Packaging May Vary

Brush-On 60 - 1 Gallon Unit

Net Wt: 8.16 kg

*Vat Included

*Product Packaging May Vary