Bentley’s rubbers, plastics, foams, epoxies and other materials have exceptional physical and mechanical properties that make them suitable for a variety of industrial and military applications.

Castable Rubber:

Bentley Advanced Materials carries urethanes and silicone rubbers available in hardnesses ranging from softer than skin to harder than a car tyre and everything in between.
Industrial rubber applications include: Rubber Gaskets • Abrasion Resistant Ball Mill Liners • Impact Resistant Rubbers • Sprayable Rubber • Chemical Resistant Industrial Rollers • Silicone Print Pads • High Tensile Strength Rubbers

Urethane Plastics:

From the general purpose ‘Smooth-Cast’ resin line to the specialty ‘TASK’ performance urethane plastic line and castable epoxies.
Bentley Carries Plastics Which Feature: High Impact Resistance • High Heat Resistance • Fast Cycle Time • Unbreakable In Ultra-Thin Sections • Plastics Designed For Rotational Casting • Trowelable onto Vertical or Inverted Surfaces • Sprayable Plastic • Sprayable Foam Coating

Rigid & Flexible Foams:

Easy to use, premium formulations with premium physical and performance properties compared to commercially available “packing” foams.
Applications include: Cushioning • Flexible Foam Repair • Orthotic and Orthopedic
• Lightweight Reinforcement • Industrial Rigid Cast Foam Parts • Industrial Adhesive

Epoxy Adhesives

Bentley supplies many major automobile manufacturers, all branches of the Military, and thousands of industrial customers. These are not adhesives that you can find at the DIY centre, and they offer exceptional bonding properties for a variety of industrial applications.

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