Plasti-Paste™ II

  • Trowelable Plastic Paste

New Plasti-Paste™ II is a two component fiber-filled resin that is designed for vertical surface application.

  • Plasti-Paste™ II is now phthalate free.
  • Cured plastic can be painted (original Plasti Paste™ can not)
  • It is harder, more rigid with better heat resistance.
Plasti-Paste™  II - Trowelable Plastic Paste

Quick Tech Data

  • 62A:100B

    Mix Ratio By Weight

  • 10 minutes

    Pot Life

  • 90 minutes

    Cure Time

  • 70 D

    Shore Hardness

  • Off White


Part A is a liquid and Part B is a paste. New Mix Ratio is 1A: 2B by volume (62A:100B by weight). Pot life is 10 minutes at room temperature depending on mass. Demould time (can be handled) is about 90 minutes at room temperature depending on mass. Full cure; 24 hours at room temperature. Cure time can be accelerated by applying heat.

Mixed material holds a vertical surface without sagging and cures to a strong, durable and lightweight plastic. Liquid material can be pigmented with So-Strong™ colour tints from Smooth-On. This plastic can be used for creating themed environments or special effects, used as a “mother mould” material to reinforce rubber moulds and a variety of other applications. This plastic is also a powerful adhesive and can be used as a repair material for a variety of industrial applications. Cured plastic can be sanded, machined and painted with acrylic enamel paints.

Plasti-Paste™  II - Trowelable Plastic Paste


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Available Sizes

  • Trial Kit
    *Vat Included
  • Net Wt: 1.5 kg
  • Gallon Kit
    *Vat Included
  • Net Wt: 5.9 kg
  • 5-Gallon Kit
    *Vat Included
  • Net Wt: 27.26 kg

Product Questions

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How can I eliminate bubbles from my castings?

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Using a vacuum chamber or pressure pot will help in removing most to all bubbles from your castings. You can read more here.

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