Soma Foama Silicone Foam
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Soma Foama Silicone Foam

Soma Foama® is a soft two-component platinum silicone casting foam that is versatile and easy to use. Soma Foama® can be poured into a mould or over other surfaces. The cured foam is high heat resistance (will resist up to 350°F / 176°C), water resistant, UV resistant and resists oxidation and ozone degradation. By adding Silc-Pig® silicone colour pigments, vibrant colours can be achieved.

Soma Foama® can be used for a variety of industrial and special effects applications including making foam filled appliances, padding/seat cushioning, orthotics/orthopaedics, potting and encapsulation of electrical circuits and vibration dampening.


Product Name Pot LifeDemould Time Net Weight
Soma Foama 15 (Gallon Unit)30 seconds1 hour10.66 Kg
Soma Foama 15 (Trial Unit)30 seconds1 hour1.36 Kg
Soma Foama 25 (Gallon Unit)90 seconds1 hour7.26 Kg
Soma Foama 25 (Trial Unit)90 seconds1 hour0.9 Kg