Equinox Mould Putty
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Equinox Mould Putty

Equinox™ 35, 38 & 40 are addition-cure silicone putties that are easily mixed and applied by hand to create impression moulds. Equinox mould putty is resistant to cure inhibition making it useful over a wide range of surfaces. Mixed 1A:1B by volume, Equinox is available in three speed settings ranging from 7 minute to 4 hour demould times when working at room temperature (23°C). Shrinkage is negligible and the cured rubber has very high tensile strength, durability, and high temperatures resistance making it suitable for casting some low-temperature melt metal alloys. Some applications for Equinox include orthopedic, equine hoof repair, jewellery making and more.

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Equinox™ silicone putty is suitable for making moulds for baking, casting ice, butter or chocolate and other applications used to produce food. Read more information about using Equinox for food-related applications from the manufacturer.

NOTE: Although Equinox is inhibition-resistant, it is still recommended to avoid sulphur-based modelling clay or wearing latex gloves while processing Equinox, especially if Equinox will be used in conjunction with another addition-cure or platinum silicone rubber.


Product Name Pot LifeDemould Time Net Weight
Equinox 35 (Gallon Unit)1 minute7 minutes7.26 Kg
Equinox 35 (Trial Unit)1 minute7 minutes0.9 Kg
Equinox 38 (Gallon Unit)4 minutes30 minutes7.26 Kg
Equinox 38 (Trial Unit)4 minutes30 minutes0.9 Kg
Equinox 40 (Gallon Unit)30 minutes4 hours7.26 Kg
Equinox 40 (Trial Unit)30 minutes4 hours0.9 Kg