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Technical and Safety data sheets can provide you with invaluable product information, from material properties to proper safety practices for using the materials.

Starter Kits & Bundles - Everything for Mould Making and Casting

Body Double™ Standard Set Starter Kit - Everything To Make a Silicone Life Casting

Lifecasting Alja-Safe™ Starter Kit - Everything For Making a Mould of a Hand

Pourable Silicone Starter Kit - Everything For Making a Pour-On Mould

Ultimate Blood™ Kit - Special Effects Blood System

Ultimate Wound Kit™ - Make Your Own On-Skin Wounds In Minutes

Ultimate Zombie Kit™ - Make Your Own Zombie Effects In Minutes

Baby / Child Hand Casting Kit - For Making Baby/Child Hand Moulds

Ultimate Vine Making Kit™

Archery Target Repair Kit

Archery Target Repair Kit™

Silicone Rubber - Addition & Condensation Cure

Addition Cure Silicone - High Strength, Low Shrinkage Flexible Mold Rubbers

Condensation Cure Silicone - Flexible High Tear-Strength Mould Making Material

Urethane Rubber - High Strength Mould Materials

Vytaflex™ Series - Liquid Urethane Rubbers

Reoflex™ Series - Liquid Urethane Rubbers

PMC™ Series - Polyurethane Rubber Compounds

Brush-On™ Series - Brushable Urethane Rubber

Econ™ Series - Economical Mould Making Rubber

Simpact™ Series - Tough, Fast Setting Urethanes

UreCoat™ - Flexible Urethane Coating

Clear Flex™ Series - Water Clear Urethane Rubber

EZ-Mix™ - Easy to Mix Brushable Urethane Rubber

Compat™ 45 - Non-Inhibiting Urethane Rubber

KX Flex™ Series - Fast Setting Urethane Casting Elastomers

Formlastic™ Series - Low Shrinkage Urethane Rubber

Urethane Rubber Accessories - Pigments, Additives and Fillers

Urethane Plastics and Coatings - Polyurethane Casting and Coating Resins

Smooth-Cast™ 300 Series - Bright White Liquid Plastics

Smooth-Cast™ 320 Series - Off-White, Ultra Low Viscosity Liquid Plastics

Smooth-Cast™ 325 Series - "Colour Neutral" Liquid Plastics

Smooth-Cast™ ONYX™ Series - Ultra-Black Urethane Resins

Smooth-Cast™ Semi Rigid Series - Semi-Rigid Urethane Casting Resins

TASK™ Series - High Performance Casting Resins

Crystal Clear™ Series - Water Clear and UV Resistant

Plasti-Paste™ Series - Trowelable Plastic Paste

Simpact™ Series - Tough, Fast Setting Urethanes

SMASH!™ Plastic - Breakaway Glass Plastic

Feather Lite™ - Lightweight Urethane Casting Resin

Shell Shock Series - Brushable Liquid Polyurethane Plastic

Urethane Plastic Accessories - Pigments, Additives and Fillers

Rigid and Flexible Foams - Urethane and Silicone Castable Foams

FOAM-iT!™ Series - Castable Rigid Urethane Foam

FlexFoam-iT!™ Series - Castable Flexible Urethane Flex Foam

Soma Foama™ - Flexible Silicone Castable Foam

Lifecasting Materials - Skin Safe Silicone and Alginate

Alja-Safe™ Series - Skin Safe Crystalline-Silica Free Alginate

Body Double™ Series - Skin Safe Lifecasting Silicone Rubber

Accu-Cast™ Series - Alginates for Lifecasting

Makeup FX Materials - For Creating Professional Quality Skin Effects

Epoxy - Casting, Coating and Laminating Resins and Putty

XTC-3D™ - High Performance 3D Print Coating

Free Form™ Habitat™ Series - Mix-by-Hand Epoxy Sculpting Putty

EpoxAcast™ Series - Castable Epoxy Resins

EpoxAcoat™ Series - Surface Coat Epoxies

EpoxAmite™ - Laminating Epoxy Systems

Epsilon™ Series - EPS Foam Coating Epoxy

Tarbender™ - High Gloss Coating, Bar Top Epoxy

Free Form™ Air Series - Lightweight Epoxy Putty

Free Form™ Sculpt - High Density Epoxy Dough

Epoxy Resin Accessories

Polyester - Laminating Resin, Gel Coat, Casting Resin and More

Gypsum / Plasters - Casting and Surface Coat Gypsums

Maker Pro Paints - High Performance Paint System

Releases and Sealers - For Making Moulds and Casting Parts

Adhesives - Performance Epoxy, Urethane, and Acrylic Adhesives

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